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Y3 Elm

Y3 Elm Remote Learning Timetable

What will a typical day look like for Elm Class?


9:00 All scheduled work uploaded to teams.

9:45 Live register on teams. Talk through of learning which has been uploaded to teams. Modelling each task asking children to participate using hands up function.

Guided Reading – Recorded lesson. Mix of reading, vocabulary, inference and grammar activities.

Phonics – RWI Ruth Miskin video links. New sounds, red words, read and hold and sentence. Focused comprehension using phonetically decodable texts and blanks level questions.
Numeracy – WRM video links. Mild, spicy and hot differentiated work.
Literacy – Recorded lesson, talk for writing and SPaG based learning activities.
Topic – Recorded lesson, linked to curriculum planning (Tuesday PE and Friday Thrive).