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Interventions in school

Interventions at Lacewood


Thrive is a powerful way of working with children and young people that supports their social and emotional development. In particular, the approach allows us to work in a targeted way with children who have struggled with difficult life events to help them re-engage with life and learning.


PT Probe

PT Probe is particularly useful for children who need additional support to acquire new skills or have moved to new skills before they have mastered existing ones. The intervention introduces new skills ‘little and often’ and helps children develop increased confidence, without feeling overloaded. The approach can be used for any subject area, although at Lacewood it is mainly used for maths and reading.


Stareway to Spelling

Stareway to Spelling is a support programme to improve accuracy and fluency of word reading and spelling. The programme focuses on the 300 most used words in the English language. Astonishingly, these 300 words form 72% of all the words that we regularly read and write.


Read to Succeed

Read to succeed is a one-to-one support programme, which focuses on developing word reading, fluency and comprehension skills. The programme is particularly useful for children who may have fallen behind with their reading development for their current year group.


Reading Rocketeers

Reading Rocketeers is a programme for readers who have secured their ability to decode but still lack confidence in their reading ability and require support in order to strengthen and develop core reading skills.


Small group Literacy / Numeracy support

Small group support is provided for children who struggle to access the curriculum for literacy and numeracy which is being delivered in class. Working as part of a small group helps children to feel more relaxed, under less pressure and also allows them to have greater adult input, due to the lower number of pupils when compared to an average class size. Groups focus specifically on the attainment needs of pupils within the group.


SALT (Speech and Language Therapy)

SALT focuses on the development of speech and language for children who have communication difficulties. Activities include a range of picture cue activities linked to developing: memory, discussion, story building and event ordering.


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If you would like further information on any of the interventions your child is accessing at school, please feel free to make an appointment to speak to Mrs Stratton or Miss Akeroyd