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Magnificent Monarchs (Kings & Queens)

Throughout this unit of work, the children learnt all about the British Monarchy, focussing on 3 key monarchs in particular: Queen Victoria, King Edward VIII and Queen Elizabeth II . 


Within the unit of work, we cover areas such as:


  • Timelines
  • Chronology of events
  • Relationships
  • Family trees 
  • A monarch's role and duties
  • Abdication 

As part of their topic all about monarchs, Year 2 familiarised themselves with a family tree and how it works. Once secure in how family trees were set out, they then went on to apply their knowledge to the current British Royal Family.

In Year 2, the children also learnt all about the Royal Family Tree and understood how monarchs pass down their title and role to their eldest child. The children looked at Queen Victoria and realised that her successor wasn’t her eldest child, and in fact was her second born child- Edward. Through a class discussion the children were able to un understand that this has now changed and the eldest child would be next in line to the throne, regardless of their gender. We spoke about fairness and equality!


The children then had a go at creating their own family trees.