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Thrive at Lacewood

We are continuing to embed the Thrive approach to children's emotional development into Lacewood. With Thrive, we can shape the whole curriculum for classes, small groups and individuals, particularly in PSHE sessions. This approach works alongside our Learning Buddies as much of the research behind Learning Buddies is also linked to the research which has helped develop Thrive.

Thrive is a specific way of working with all children that helps to develop their social and emotional wellbeing, enabling them to engage with life and learning. It supports them in becoming more self-assured, capable and adaptable. It can also address any troubling behaviours providing a firm foundation for academic attainment.

Positive relationships are at the heart of Thrive. We use these relationships, together with play and creative activities, to give children key experiences at each different stage of their development. Repetition of these activities supports their development, helping them to:

• feel good about themselves and know that they matter

• increase their sense of security and trust

• increase their emotional well-being

• improve their capacity to be creative and curious

• increase their self-esteem and confidence to learn

• learn to recognise and regulate their feelings

• learn to think before behaving in a certain way

• ...and much more.


Whole staff training has enabled all our staff to have an overview of the approach. Our practitioners: Mrs Anson, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Wake, Mrs Greaves, Mr Jones, Mrs Jackson and of course Bow, our school dog who supports the work of the Thrive practitioners. They are trained to assess children’s needs and work with colleagues to implement the plans to help children’s emotional development.

The Thrive Approach can be used with all ages. Originally developed for use with primary school-aged children, the training and online tools are being used successfully to support the emotional development- and life chances- of all children from birth to adulthood.

To date, Thrive has been used to screen more than 115,000 children across more than 1,000 settings in the UK.