Lacewood Primary School

Always try your best to be your best

Meet The Team...

Mrs Stratton- Headteacher

Whole school queries

01709 887750

Miss Akeroyd- Deputy Head

Mrs Andrews- Assistant Head, FS2 Teacher

Mr Edwards- Y6 Teacher

Mrs Searle- Y5 Teacher, SENCO

SEN queries

01709 887750

Mrs Burton- Y4 Teacher 

Miss Clay- Y2 Teacher

Mr Cadman- Y2 Teacher

Miss Dawson- Y1 Teacher

Mrs Sellars- FS1 Teacher

Mrs Broadhead- Nursery Nurse

Mrs Wake- HLTA

Miss Quigley- HLTA

Miss Caves- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Critchley- Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Jones- Teaching Assistant 

Miss Shaw- Teaching Assistant

Mr Noble- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Greaves- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Guest- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jackson- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Noble- Teaching Assistant

Miss Stables- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hughes- Cover Supervisor



Mrs Anson- Parent Support Advisor, SENCO Assistant

Parent and SEN queries

01709 887750

Mr Jones- Behaviour Support Advisor

Behaviour queries

01709 887750

Bow- Thrive Support Dog 

Mrs Harris- Business Manager 

General queries

Mrs Mitchell- Administration and Finance Assistant

General queries

Mrs Murfin- SMSA and Breakfast Club

Mrs Eyre- SMSA and Breakfast Club

Mrs Smithyman- SMSA

Mrs Simcock- SMSA

Mrs Cutting- SMSA

Miss Collier- SMSA

Miss Harrison - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Green - Y3 Teacher

Mrs Skirrow - Y3 Teacher