Lacewood Primary School

Always try your best to be your best


Each child should be able to think and solve problems mathematically by using the appropriate skills, concepts and knowledge. They should be provided with rich and enjoyable experiences related both to their individual needs and to the wider requirements of society.


 We aim for each child to:-

  • Have a positive attitude towards mathematics.
  • Have self-confidence in their ability to deal with mathematics.
  • Be able to work systematically, co-operatively and with perseverance.
  • Be able to think logically and independently.
  • Experience a sense of achievement regardless of age or ability.
  • Understand the appropriate underlying skills, concepts and knowledge of number, measurement, shape, space and handling data.
  • Be able to apply previously acquired concepts, skills, knowledge and understanding to new situations both in and out of school.
  • Understand and appreciate pattern and relationship in mathematics.
  • Be able to communicate with peers and adults, ideas, experiences, questions, clearly and fluently, using the appropriate mathematical language.
  • Be able to explore problems using the appropriate strategies, predictions and deductions.
  • Have equality of opportunity regardless of race, gender, or ability.
  • Be aware of the uses of mathematics beyond the classroom.
  • Encourage the use of mental calculations and choose and efficient strategies to work out the answers.