Lacewood Primary School

Always try your best to be your best

Foundation Stage

Characteristics of effective teaching and learning

Playing and exploring

At Lacewood we aim to;

  • Play alongside children, encouraging them to explore and show an interest in new things and to provide models of familiar and unfamiliar experiences.
  • Support children as needed to enable them to achieve their best from every activity without taking over or over-directing.
  • Encourage children to take appropriate risks and try new activities with positive language and support.
  • Praise children’s engagement in activities, focussing on the process (effort, challenges, thoughts etc.) rather than the end product.
  • Encourage children to understand how they can improve through effort and practice and learn from mistakes.
  • Provide a stimulating environment (indoors and outdoors) of continuous provision in response to children’s interests and current levels of development in order to ensure consistent progression of skills.
  • Ensure provision and space is flexible and open ended and can be moved and/or combined in response to children’s interests.
  • Ensure children have time and freedom to play and explore without interruption or adult direction.

Active learning

At Lacewood we aim to;

  • Strike a balance between adult directed and supported learning and child initiated learning – which has to be where the majority of learning takes place.
  • Ensure children are aware of their goals and how to achieve them in order to foster motivation for self-initiated learning.
  • Encourage children to play together and learn from each other.
  • Use positive specific praise and support to highlight, model and reinforce good behaviour, problem solving, concentration and attitude.
  • Provide stimulating and motivational experiences and provision linked to the children’s interests.
  • Help children to observe, review and reflect on their learning experiences over a period of time by: sharing individual learning journeys, displaying photos and captions of the children engaged in learning on displays, in areas of learning, in home made big books and on the school website.

Creating and thinking critically

At Lacewood we aim to;

  • Actively use the language of thinking and learning in everyday activities and model these processes with children.
  • Use careful questioning as a tool to develop, extend, prompt and consolidate thinking.
  • Ensure we provide an environment where we focus on how we learn and not just what and where children feel able to “have a go”, explore challenges, make mistakes and where we value children’s questions.
  • Encourage children to make connections between experiences through the use of the provision and display within the environment.
  • Provide children with opportunities to discuss issues and talk together such as circle times, group work, story times and investigation areas.
  • Give children feedback and help them to review their progress and learning via verbal feedback, captions and comments on displays, praise in the form of learning buddy stickers (to reward learning processes, not the end result), certificates and text messages home etc.
  • Provide recognisable and predictable routines to help children to make connections in their experiences.

Creating our very own bowling alley.

Finding out and exploring.

Recreating our real life experiences.