Lacewood Primary School

Always try your best to be your best


At Lacewood Primary School we aim to

  • Promote and support music for all children through classroom experiences, lower and upper school music sessions and whole school activities, following the National curriculum.
  • Provide experiences and resources that promote knowledge, skills and understanding in music, in relation to our and other cultures traditions
  • Provide learning experiences that promote confidence and the development of the child.
  • Promote a music curriculum with relevant differentiated experiences
  • Promote progress in and continuity in music through curriculum planning and monitoring in line with assessment procedures in school.
  • Promote opportunities for the child to further develop musical skills through out the whole curriculum.
  • Actively engage and forge links with the outside community through music
  • Promote the continuing development of expertise and confidence in music for relevant members of staff.
  • Recognize ways in which ICT skills may be incorporated into, and developed by the music curriculum and used to enhance the musical experiences of all children.