Lacewood Primary School

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Football Team

Previous Competitions

2015/2016 Totty Cup - Runners up

2015/2016 Carillion Cup - Winners

2015/2016 Football League Kids Cup Northern Finalist

2015/2016 Football League Kids Cup Regional Winners

2014/2015 Totty Cup - Winners


2017/2018 Match Reports

EFL Kids Cup- Oakwell 08/12/17

Intra-School Competition- Cherrydale 07/12/17

Lacewood vs Highgate Primary School - 9-1 W


2016/2017 Match Reports

Lacewood vs The Hill Primary Academy - 5-1 W

Lacewood vs Highgate Primary School - 0-1 L

Football League Kids Cup 2017 

Futsal Tournament Report 2017



Parent Information

Check this page for updates and information about upcoming matches for the Lacewood football team.